IABNZ report shows 2017 digital media ad spending reached $923M.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau of New Zealand (IABNZ) recently released the findings gleaned from its Internet Advertising Revenue Report. This survey was independently conducted by Staples Rodway with the results released once each quarter. Because the data was supplied by those companies that actually sell advertising online, this report is considered to be the most accurate measurement of the revenues from the industry. This data originated from advertising revenue generated by commercial online services, websites and other companies that sell online advertising.  

Report Overview

For clarity, the report is formatted so that revenue is divided into desktop, mobile and tablet. In order to capture revenue from sources such as wearables, smart TV apps and gaming consoles, an "other category was also included. These categories are broken down further into channels such as video, native, general display, sponsorship and audio. 

Interactive Advertising Figures

The report found that interactive advertising -- that is advertising that was viewed via the internet while using a mobile device, desktop or laptop -- jumped to $923 million for 2017, a figure that represented a seven percent year-on-year increase. Of that amount, nearly 30 percent -- or $267 million -- was delivered to desktop devices. Smartphones and tablet were the recipients of $20.3 million -- or seven percent -- of the revenue. 

Display advertising rose to $150 million with general display comprising $94.3 million of that figure. Throughout 2017, video generated just under $35 million in advertising revenue. Native advertising secured 11 percent of the tota,l or $16 million, while sponsorship earned 4 percent of the total figure at $5.5 million. 

Programmatic Revenue 

In 2017, programmatic revenue secured 40 percent of display revenue for a total of $60 million. When measured against the estimates released by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), an organisation based in the United States, 40 percent of programmatic revenue is attributed to media owners, about $24 million of programmatic revenue is because of NZ publishers. 

Lucy ColumbusComment