Dynamic Creative Optimisation

Dynamic creative optimisation is a form of programmatic advertising, but it isn't the only way to tap into it. Programmatic advertising spans a robust spectrum of technologies while dynamic creative optimisation is a specialised tool within that framework. Two popular ways that dynamic creative optimisation is used in New Zealand include refining audience sectors within a data management platform (DMP) and product retargeting. 

Dynamic Creative Optimisation Explained

Dynamic creative optimisation is actually comprised of two technologies that make up a rules-driven and highly-automated method of advertising. Even though dynamic creative optimisation is considered to be a subset of programmatic advertising, the technology actually emerged prior to programmatic becoming the best-practices approach to advertising. 

Originally, NZ advertisers who were using dynamic creative methods were retargeting those consumers with the products they'd abandoned in their shopping carts or viewed previously. Today, dynamic creative optimisation is used to harness data feeds and a rule set to generate an almost unlimited number of unique creatives in real time. 

Dynamic Creative Optimisation and DMP

Using dynamic creative optimisation to connect with DMP audience segments to provide a specific advertisement that relates in a dynamic way to its unique data. Some examples of the kind of data that can be targeted include the weather, time, demographics, location, retargeting information and more. 

Optimisation with Dynamic and Creative Advertising

Being able to test the results of a marketing strategy against different variates allows for precise optimisation for businesses. Elements such as ad copy, offers, button color and images can all be tested. It's important to remember though that these must be able to replace one another without disrupting the ad's formatting. 

By taking this dynamic creative optimisation one step further, marketers can set up automated testing scenarios that provide an opportunity for a business to learn about their audiences. For example, a different advertising message can be tested with each audience to determine which one resonates better with a particular consumer segment. Using dynamic creative optimisation with all consumer segments provides a business with the opportunity to complete an effective split test. 

A vital part of programmatic advertising, dynamic creative optimisation provides businesses with a specific testing method. The data gathered provides guidance on advertising strategies.