The influence of Artificial Intelligence on digital advertising

Artificial intelligence is predicted to come into even greater use for the remainder of 2018 and beyond. Already many industries -- including digital advertising -- are using artificial intelligence to provide brands and businesses with the tools they need to better reach their intended New Zealand audiences. Closely related to machine learning, artificial intelligence provides computer systems with the ability to both learn from data analysis and improve upon it -- all without the intervention of humans. 

How Artificial Intelligence is Already Helping Digital Advertising

Programmatic media is already incorporating the use of artificial intelligence when a demand side platform (DSP) is integrated into the ad campaign of a brand. One such example is the DoubleClick Bid Manager from Google. A number of artificial intelligence features are incorporated into the programmatic buying platform. These include automated budget pacing, real-time bidding models, optimisation geared toward key performance indicators that are selected by the campaign manager, simplified buying process and more.

Dynamic creative is also served by using artificial intelligence in the form of algorithms. These algorithms can learn which audience segments respond more favourably to products that are featured or to a particular creative version. 

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence on NZ Digital Advertising

One of the key benefits of relying more heavily on artificial intelligence within the NZ digital advertising landscape is the reduction in errors. Not only are better results possible when human error is removed from the equation, both efficiency and productivity increase as well. 

Because machines can learn about human behaviours and change their response to it, artificial intelligence provides a more accurate prediction of a buyer's behaviour. This information about the buyer's decisions is then used to create solutions for issues that arise in the future. 

Digital advertising is designed to help NZ brands find those consumers who want and need their services and/or products. Using artificial intelligence improves the user's experience so they are more likely to spend more time on a website. This ease of use provides real-time solutions to common user issues so conversions happen more often. 

Not surprisingly, artificial intelligence provides New Zealand companies with a better return on investment (ROI) when it comes to their digital advertising. Not only does artificial intelligence collect data more accurately, it also solves the security concerns that arise.